Housing Registration for Summer 2021 Programs

Welcome to campus housing for summer programs at Truman!
Whether this is your first summer with us or the first one back since last year's break, we are excited to provide excellent accommodations to support your summer participants and staff. Please complete the form below to help us plan a summer experience for your program and all the others joining us on campus. If you have questions, please contact the Residence Life office at 660-785-4227 or email at reslife@truman.edu.

Room Rates
Single Occupancy: $25.00/day
Double Occupancy: $19.50/day
Mutliple Occupancy: $19.50/day
Unoccupied Room: $4.00/day*

Meal Rates
   -Breakfast: $2.75
   -Lunch: $5.50
   -Dinner: $8.00

MicroFridge Rental: $2.50/day*
Lost Room Key: $30.00/incident
Lost Perimeter Access Card: $25.00/incident

*requests for these offerings can be made on the program roster you will submit later

General Information

We would like to know some information about your program and who to contact during the planning phase. Please list the information for whom we should contact in your office with questions.

For groups external to Truman State University, this form should be completed by the Summer Programs staff with Truman's Union and Involvement Services.

Emergency and Critical Situation Contact

Should there be an emergency or critical situation, particularly after hours or on the weekend, with whom should we get in touch? For programs external to Truman State University, this should be someone with the program and not from Truman's Union and Involvement Services.

Account Information for Billing

Please work with the Truman Business Office to ensure you have the correct organization code for Residence Life to use when billing your program.

Session I Information

When will staff and participants be arriving? Many programs have their staff arriving in advance of the participants and leaving after participants depart. Some programs also have multiple sessions with additional arrival and departure times. If you will only have one session, you only need to complete the Session I information.

For our planning purposes, "staff" are any members of your program that will be living on campus and providing leadership to the participants in your program. Staff may include parents and chaperones, Truman students hired as employees, or Truman athletes helping to oversee sports program participants. "Participants" are people attending your program. These may include Truman students, outside students, or anyone else receiving services from the summer program.

You will be asked to share anticipated numbers of staff and participants for each session. Please share realistic (rather than aspirational) numbers so Residence Life and Sodexo staff can plan accordingly. If you want to put notes at the end about aspirational numbers, please share them there.

You will be asked to provide information about first and last meals. We recognize you may have staff and participants arriving at various dates and times. Please indicate what will generally be the first meal for each group so Sodexo food services can begin meal planning. You will have the chance to submit first and last meal information for each staff and participant individually on the roster you will submit later.

Session II Information

If your program will not have a second session, please enter N/A in the fields below. 

Building Placement

Each summer, we need to coordinate placement of the summer programs to maximize the needs of the programs, facilities needs and limitations, and operational needs. Please list your top three building placement preferences. You may also describe your program needs for placement including how certain buildings accommodate those needs. We cannot guarantee placement in a specific building but will work with you to place your program in a facility that meets your needs.

ID Cards and Exterior Door Access

Many summer programs need ID cards for access to the cafeteria, library, recreation center, and even the residence halls themselves. Current or recently graduated Truman students and Truman faculty/staff can use their existing ID card. 

The easiest way to make ID cards is for the program staff and participants to submit photos online at least 7 days prior to when you need the ID cards. Staff and participants will need to know their nine-digit, Truman ID number. They can submit their ID photo here: https://idoffice.truman.edu/upload-id-photo. All staff and participants should treat this as an official ID card and submit a photo following the guidelines outlined here.

Alternatively, staff and participants can visit the ID office to have their pictures taken in person and have their cards printed. This is only available Monday-Thursday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, on days when Truman is not hosting an in-person Summer Orientation (June 3, 8, 14, 16, 21, 24).

Some short-stay programs do not request ID cards and instead work directly with Sodexo for short term meal cards. If that works better for your program, you do not need to arrange for ID cards. Outside staff for short stay program can be issued temporary access cards to the residence hall.

The front door of Ryle Hall will be unlocked 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM on days when meals are served. All other halls will be locked at all times. 

Check In/Out Assistance

We will provide your program with room keys on the business day prior to your first staff member or participants moving in. Most programs conduct their own check in using those keys and other administrative needs of the program. If you need Residence Life assistance to distribute/collect keys for up to two hours, we are happy to assist.

Quarantine and Isolation Planning

The ongoing pandemic means we have to think about summer operations differently than in years past. All summer programs must ensure their operations comply with Truman's COVID-19 rules and regulations. That information can be found here and is updated frequently. Please check back regularly for updates to ensure your operations continue within required safety protocols. 

We can provide accommodations for staff and participants exposed to COVID and needing to quarantine. This is done in-room for staff/participants without a roommate living in Ryle, BNB, and West Campus. This is done elsewhere in other parts of the building for staff/participants with roommates living in Ryle, BNB, and West Campus. This is done in other buildings for staff/participants living in Missouri and Dobson. If participants need to stay on a different floor in their building or in a different building, it is expected that a staff member from your program move to a nearby space as well. Staff/participants in quarantine may not leave their quarantine location until after their quarantine has passed.

We can provide accommodations for staff and participants testing positive for COVID and needing to isolate. This is done by housing the staff/participant in a Campbell Apartment. If participants need to isolate at Campbell, it is expected that a staff member from your program move to a nearby apartment as well. Staff/participants in isolation may not leave their isolation location until after their isolation has passed.

Heading Home
Staff/participants needing to quarantine or isolate do not have to do so on campus.They are welcome to return to home, and you may find that to be a preferred method for working through these concerns. Please indicate if that will be part of your quarantine and isolation procedures.

Please work directly with Sodexo to arrange for meals for staff/participants in quarantine and isolation. This may include having a member of your staff prepare a carry-out meal from the cafeteria and delivering it outside the door of the person in quarantine/isolation.

Abiding by Truman COVID Rules and Regulations

I agree that my program will abide by all Truman rules and regulations concerning COVID-19 as outlined on Truman's COVID-19 information page, https://www.truman.edu/coronavirus. *

General Policy and Operations Statements

Please read through the statements below before accepting the terms. Residence Life and Truman policies are designed to ensure safe living environments that welcome all and promote educational experiences. It is expected that all summer programs will understand, promote, and adhere to all policies, regulations, and operational procedures.

Policies and Procedures

All participants, staff, and other members of any summer program that stay on the Truman State University campus are expected to follow all policies and procedures of Residence Life and Truman State University. The University and Residence Life reserve the right to enter any residence hall room or other space used by a summer program at any time.  If any policy is deemed to have been violated, Truman State University and the Office of Residence life reserves the right to remove individuals or an entire program from campus. *

Master Keys

No master key will be provided to any program. Instead, a spare key to each requested room will be given to the program to use for needed special access (participant locked out, participant emergencies, etc). Programs will be charged for any lost keys and lock recoring costs at $30 for each instance. Residence Life on-call staff have access to a master key and can assist you if needed. *


Residence Life will furnish staff/participants with a room, furniture, and utilities. If something is not working, please contact Truman Physical Plant at 660-785-4687 to request a repair. For major concerns after hours, you may contact Residence Life's on call staff for assistance.

Residence Life does not supply linens or toiletries. Toilet paper is only provided in the community bathrooms in Dobson and Missouri Halls. Staff/participants, or their sponsoring programs, need to provide their own linens and toiletries. *

Payments and Billing

All payments for outstanding balances must be submitted to the Business Office. Additional charges for lost keys, damages, and other reasons will be billed to the program's host department.

Residence Life will bill at the end of Truman State University's fiscal year, June 30, and at the conclusion of the program if the program should cross the June 30/July 1 date.  The bill for the first part of the program will be all charges incurred through June 30.  The second bill will be for all charges incurred after July 1.

If a staff/participant must leave the program early for some reason, the program is responsible for the charges applied to that individual until they email reslife@truman.edu and request to have participant removed.  If the participant leaves on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the program will be charged through the following Monday. Notification of a participant leaving a program must be made via email to reslife@truman.edu *


When dining halls are open, all on campus guests (participants, staff, and all other associates) of a program must have a meal plan. The first meal after check-in will be the first meal a program is charged for and the last meal prior to check out will be the last meal charged for.

All other food services other than those provided in the dining halls must be arranged directly with Sodexo food services.*

Submitting a Program Roster

Once Residence Life decides on a building placement for your program, you will be emailed a blank roster with all available rooms. You will need to email Residence Life (reslife@truman.edu) with a nearly complete roster using the spreadsheet linked here no later than seven (7) days prior to the arrival of the first staff or participant to move in. This will permit the Residence Life team enough time to compile the keys needed. Minimal, specific updates to the roster should be emailed to Residence Life immediately. Please describe the specific changes being made when doing so.*

Additional Notes

This registration forms helps Residence Life to plan for your program's arrival. We recognize, however, that a single form cannot capture the unique needs of each summer program. If you have additional notes you would like to share with us, please do so here.

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