Greek Life Student Staff Application


Please rank the position(s) for which you are interested in applying in the box below.  If applying for more than one position, please rank your choices in order of preference.  Your preferences will be considered, but not guaranteed.

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By signing and submitting this application, I:

  • Verify that the previous statements and answers are true to the best of my knowledge.
  • Permit CSI/Greek Life Office to verify my academic and conduct records with the appropriate offices and to contact references listed in your resume.
  • Permit CSI/Greek Life Office to verify with the Institutional Compliance Officer to determine if you have been named as a possible respondent in a violation of the Non-Discrimination Policy, even if an informal resolution or investigation does not proceed.
  • Am aware of the general responsibilities of the Greek Life Student Staff position and am willing to commit to attending transition meetings (if applicable).
  • Will not hold employment or commitments that would conflict with my responsibilities
  • Understand that I must be a Greek affiliated student that is an active member of a Greek organization.
  • Understand that I must be a full time Truman student currently enrolled that will have earned at least 60 Truman hours by May 2017 with the above GPA (For Academic Year Positions Only).
  • Understand that not all applicants will be granted an interview.

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