STEP Scholars Application 2022

Currently, I am thinking about majoring in (check all that apply):*

I am planning on attending Truman State University beginning Fall 2022.*

VERY IMPORTANT: Periodically, we ("Team STEP") will need to communicate with you about your application status.  Please provide reliable contact information (it could be yours or a parent/guardian's) that will be checked regularly for updates from the STEP Office.  Each year we have students who miss opportunities because they didn't see our emails in time.  Don't let this be you!

I authorize Team STEP to communicate with my high school to ensure the receipt of my high school transcript.*

The following three essays questions will help us get to know you.  You can either (1) type your response in the space provided below, or (2) type it in another software program and then cut and paste it below.  Your responses need not be lengthy, 250-500 words should be sufficient.  Your response is an important component to your application and we appreciate the time you take to give us a well thought-out explanation.



The following demographic data is only being collected for reporting purposes.  There are no demographic stipulations for inclusion in the program.

Which of the following best represents your racial or ethnic heritage.  Please select all that apply.

I am a first-generation college student.

You are considered a first-generation college student if you meet one of the following: 1) neither of your natural or adoptive parents received a baccalaureate degree (4-year degree), or 2) prior to the age of 18, you regularly resided with and received support from only one parent who did not receive a baccalaureate degree, or 3) prior to the age of 18, you did not regularly reside with or receive support from a natural or an adoptive parent.

Do not fill in the following field