Non-Student, Faculty, or Staff Housing Request for 2024-2025

Non-student housing for faculty and staff is available on a limited basis and on a schedule that mirrors when housing is available to students.  The goal of non-student housing is to encourage academic partnerships and to bring visiting scholars to our campus to create unique opportunities for students.  The following parameters have been established for non-student housing:

  1. The need must be short-term (one academic year or less).  Examples of short-term housing needs include:
    • A guest lecturer or visiting scholar offering a course for a semester or academic year.
    • A temporary faculty member.
    • A traveling Admissions staff member needing housing when in Kirksville.
    • A newly hired Truman employee in need of temporary housing until they are able to find a permanent home in the area.
  2. The need is temporary rather than an on-going long-term housing solution.

Please direct questions to the Director of Residence Life; Dr. Jamie Van Boxel.


February 5 through March 22, 2024: Submit Request Form for the 2024-2025 academic year.  Requests submitted during this time period will be given priority consideration.

After March 25, 2024: Housing assignments are designated and communicated back to the host program, department, or individual.

Requests submitted after March 22, 2024 are considered on a rolling-basis and offered as space is available.

Locations and Costs:

The following locations and rates have been established for the 2024-2025 academic year.  Discounts have been applied to support the academic mission of the university.  Please work directly with the Director of Residence Life if your needs extend beyond what is listed below.

Location Semester Rate Academic Year Rate Summer Rate
Patterson House, Single Rooms (6 available)-Community Bathroom: PH101, PH102, PH201, PH202, PH203, & PH204
$2,019 $4,038 $1,010
Residence Hall 1-Bedroom Apartment (Dobson and Centennial Halls)
$3,679 $7,358 $1,840
Residence Hall 2-Bedroom Apartment (Dobson and Centennial Halls)
$4,019 $8,038 $2,010

Important Dates

Summer Term: May 13, 2024 - July 31, 2024
Fall Term: August 1, 2024 through December 14, 2024
Spring Term: January 12, 2025 through May 10, 2025

Academic Year Reservation: August 1, 2024 through May 10, 2025

This request is being made on behalf of:*

Please complete the information below for the individual who will reside on campus

This information is required even when the housing fees are paid for by a department or program.  If you do not yet have this information, please be prepared to provide it to the Residence Life Office at a future point at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. 


All residents (students and non-students) who live on the Truman State University campus must abide by all policies and procedures for on-campus living as outlined on the Residence Life Website

Non-Student Housing assigments are genearlly understood to be for a single (1) individual. Accomodations for a spouse or dependants are only available in Residence Hall apartments (and not in Patterson House).  Accomodating a spouse and/or dependant is not garanteed. Arrangements for a spouse and/or dependants who will be living with a faculty or staff member must be pre-arranged with the Director of Residence Life.  Full names of spouses and/or depandants are required. 

All sponsoring departments must ensure that individuals check-in and check-out with Residential Life staff directly, unless special arrangments are made by a sponsoring department with residence life staff.  Keys that are not returned will result in additional charges.  Spaces must be thoroughly cleaned prior to check-out to ensure the space is available for the next resident; additional charges will be applied if additional cleaning is necessary.

Submission of this housing request form signifies agreement with these conditions.

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