Pre-McNair Fellow & McNair Scholar Program Eligibility

The information requested below will be shared only with the Program Specialist - McNair Program. We realize that this information can be sensitive, but it is needed for us to gauge eligibility for the McNair Program as required by our grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Are you a full-time student at Truman State University?*

When do you plan to graduate from Truman State University with your bachelor's degree?*

Which of the following categories best describes your citizenship?*

What race(s)/ethnicity do you identify as?*

Which of the following best describes your household prior to your 18th birthday?*

What is the size of your primary household (including you)?  (Ex. parents, guardians, siblings)*

Provide a guess of the estimated taxable income of your household.  Please note that taxable income is often substantially lower than total income.*

Which of the following best describes your goal immediately after finishing your bachelor's degree?*

Where did you learn about the McNair Program?

Do not fill in the following field