Microfridge Rental Request/Cancellation Contract


If it is after August 1 and you would like to request that a Microfridge be placed in your room for the fall semester or spring semester please complete this Microfridge Rental Request/Contract.

If you no longer wish to keep the Microfridge unit you originally requested, cancelation must be made prior to August 1 to receive a refund. Please note, with cancellations received after August 1 the unit can be removed, but the charge will remain.

(If it is before August 1, and you wish to request a Microfridge be placed in your room, please indicate this on your Housing Application in the Housing Portal on Truview.)

Please Note: Microfridges cost $150.00 in the Fall for the entire academic year and $75.00 in the Spring for one semester. Microfridges which are Requested after August 1 are not guaranteed to be placed in a student’s room prior to the start of school. Requests for a Microfridge will be approved in a first-come, first-served basis as supplies last.

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1. Renter understands that Residence Life will only accept one application per Microfridge contract to whose account the full amount of $150.00 (Fall) or $75.00 (Spring) will be charged. If roommates each desire to rent their own individual Microfridge, they must each complete this form. Roommates who choose to share a Microfridge unit must choose who the Microfridge will be contracted to, and that selected individual will be assessed the full $150.00 or $75.00 MicroFridge rental fee. *

2. Renter shall keep and maintain the Microfridge multipliance in good working condition. The unit may not be disassembled or altered in any way. If the Microfridge multipliance should fail to operate normally (except for those damages which are caused by misuse, negligence, carelessness or irresponsible use by the Renter) the University will, at its own expense, replace or repair any unit. Should the equipment malfunction, the Renter is responsible for contacting the Office of Residence Life by completing a Microfridge Action Request.The University is not in any way liable for the loss or damage of food items placed in the Microfridge unit.*

3. Renter shall accept full responsibility for the Microfridge multipliance at the time of delivery to the residence hall room. Should the Renter withdraw from school or leave the residence halls, responsibility for the Microfridge multipliance may be transferred to another student in the below named residence hall room by completing the Microfridge Action Request as part of the residence hall check-out process. Any adjustment in rate will be between individuals as the University will not grant adjustments.*

4. Renter understands that no adjustments/refunds of the Microfridge rental charge will be granted by the University due to room changes or withdrawal from Housing or the University. Refunds will not be granted if cancellation for the fall semester is made after August 1.*

5. Renter shall reimburse Truman State University for any and all loss or damage to said property from any cause whatsoever. Replacement cost for the Microfridge multipliance shall be $520.00.*

6. Renter shall thoroughly clean, defrost, dry, at the end of the fall semster, and thoroughly clean, defrost, dry and make ready for storage at the end of the rental period. (There is a $25.00 charge for improper cleaning). The Microfridge multipliance must have all of the parts as received. A student is liable for the cost of any repairs made necessary by the fault or negligence of the student or by his or her invited guests. The responsible party shall pay the amount of damages to University property.*

7. Renter may cancel reservation and receive a full refund by notifying Residence Life in writing by August 1 for fall semester.*

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the Microfridge Rental Request/Cancellation/Contract as stated above.


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