FAD 3D Printing Backcharge Form

Jobs submitted over the weekend (submitted on Friday with Monday due date), or submitted one day with a next day pickup are considered RUSH jobs and will be billed double the normal rate.

3D Printing costs and turn-around depends upon multiple factors. A price quote and time estimate will be provide upon reciept of the .stl or .obj file.

3D Printer

Makerbot Mini

Printing costs:

Basic PLA Filament: $.35 per gram

Specialtiy PLA Filament: $.50 per gram

RUSH JOBS @ double cost

Payment Information

Payments for the exact amount is required. Payments for printing can be made at the Cashiers window in McClain Hall. Please specify the OP Output Center Revenue Account. Present printing reciept to OP1250 OP Output office to pick up completed print job. Online payments can be made at secure.truman.edu/art-s. Automatic reciepts are emailed to the Print Monitors in OP Output when online payments are made.

Choose a filament color

UPLOAD .stl or .obj file

FILES LARGER THAN 20 MB can not be uploaded with this form!

If you have large files, please bring then to OP Output (OP1250) on a flash drive or portable hard drive during office hours.

WORKING WITH OP Output Printing Service

  • OP Output prints only .stl or .obj files.
  • CHECK FINAL DOUMENT SIZE!!. Document size must be within 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches or job will be rejected!  
  • Print projects in OP Output will be completed on a first come, first served basis. Depending upon work load, print projects can take up to 36 to 48 hours to complete. Allow time in your schedule for resolution of problems.
  • OP Output does not deliver printed projects. Please pick up printed jobs in OP1109. Department approval of backcharge necessary before jobs are released.

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