FAD HP T210 Sheet-Fed Inkjet Cash Printing Form



Payments for the exact amount are required. Payments for printing can be made at the Cashiers Window in McClain Hall. Please specify the OP Output Center Revenue Account OR online payments can be made at secure.truman.edu/art-s - choose OP Print Center: Large Format Inkjet Printing, 3D Printing, and Lamination to add your payment amount. 

Submit your paper to the marked drawer in OP1250 (with your name and work order #) before any printing is completed.

Steps in printing to Inkjet Printers

1. Complete this submission form and upload .pdf file to be printed (Maximum 25MB file).

2. Make payment for the exact amount to secure.truman.edu/art-s - EACH print request must have it's own Print Payment Receipt. OPPrint does not accept a single receipt to pay for multiple print requests.

3. When requesting sheet-fed printing, submit your stock (paper) to the marked drawer in OP1250. Include your name and work order number.

4. Print Monitors will email you when your job is printed.

5. Work Orders and Payment Receipts are emailed to the Print Monitor

Jobs will be printed in the order of this form submission - the earliest submissions are printed first.

The HP T210 Inkjet printer prints on any Inkjet compatible luster, glossy, mat AND plain text or cover weight stock (paper).

DO NOT submit the offset lithography glossy paper from Printing Services for inkjet printing.

If submitting a matte finish one-sided inkjet sheet paper, the submitted paper must be marked as to which side is the print side – please make a note in the online work order for the printer to be aware that single-sided paper is being submitted.

Not all .pdfs are the same.

Many are encountering a submission problem when trying to upload their .pdf files for inkjet output. This is a file size issue… the file is too large (larger than 48 MB in size). Yes, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator have the "Save As" to .pdf option and InDesign has the "Export" option, but these paths to a .pdf do not by default compress the file size of the .pdf. You need to adjust the .pdf presets as you "Save As" (a pdf dialog box should popup) in Photoshop and Illustrator and/or click on the "Adobe PDF Presets prior to "Export" and adjust the presets to lower the file size.  In the dialog box, select the "Smallest File Size" present, then click on the "Compression" option in the left column of the dialog box. Resize from 100 ppi to 150 ppi in the Color and Grayscale Images options then click "Save" or "Export"

The best process for creating a small file size pdf is to "Print" to a .ps (Postscript) file and using Acrobat Pro/Distiller, distill the .ps file to a .pdf - using the "Standard" preset. This process will typically take a 60 to 80 MB .psd file and create a 1.2 to 1.8 MB .pdf.

If all of this information leaves you confused and intimidated, you can simply bring the large file size .pdf you created to Fine Arts Design on a key drive and we will copy the file to our computer and get it printed.
  • CHECK FINAL DOUMENT SIZE.  Document size must match requested print size or job will be rejected. Enlarging letter-sized pdf's result in poor image resolution.

Duplex Printing (printing on both sides of the paper)

NOTE: Please allow for at least a 1/4 inch bleed. The inkjet printers cannot perfectly register the front print to the back print.*

Do not fill in the following field